Shopping Mall & Store Decoration
The display window has a direct and effective visual impact on customers, and it changes with four seasons, holidays, goods and brands. The artificial plants being used in the show window becomes more and more popular. The plant wall not only gives you the feeling of freshness, but also nature.

Shopping mall and store decoration Artificial Plants for Store Decoration

Theme Park & Casino & Resort Decoration
Artificial plants are not limited to natural conditions such as sunshine, air, moisture and seasons, which makes them widely used in the indoor and outdoor landscaping designs. You can choose any plant that you like. You don't need to worry about watering and fertilizing the plant, which helps you save a lot time.
Sharetrade's artificial plants are so natural looking that it is nearly impossible to tell that they are real.

Theme Park Decoration Theme Park Decoration

Film Setting
The use of artificial plants in the film setting is very extensive. Artificial plants will look incredible under the effects of lights and shadows.
Artificial plants and trees manufactured by Sharetrade can create a unique garden for a fairy tale, a bizarre fantastic scene or a real natural environment.


Artificial Plant for Film Setting Artificial Plant for Film Setting

Home Decoration
Artificial plants can create a harmonious and beautiful environment for you. 
Our artificial plant products imitate the natural morphology of nature plants, using high simulation of raw materials to design affordable artificial plants with high plasticity and good reducibility, showing the perfect harmony between human and nature.


artificial plant for home decoration fake plant for home decoration

Office Decoration
Green walls and trees have a positive effect on the performance of employees, revitalizing the whole atmosphere in the working area. Environmentally friendly solutions play a key role in the office design.
Artificial plants made by Sharetrade can provide the most economical and effective solution for you.


Artificial Plant for Office Decoration Faux Plant for Office Decoration

Hotel & Museum & Library & Theater Decoration
Artificial plants have become an impressive eye-catcher in entrance halls, waiting areas, passageways and showrooms. 
Sharetrade's artificial plants and trees which are modern and are based on the nature appear to many public places such as star hotels, libraries, museums and theaters.


artificial plant for library decoration artificial plant for hotel decoration

Restaurant & Club & Cafe Decoration
Artificial plants combining with the overall structure of the restaurant, club or cafe can create an elegant romantic atmosphere, a simple fashion modern style and a pastoral slow pace. 
Artificial plants made by Sharetrade have advantages of being realistic and easily fixed and having low costs and variety shapes. They can be used for different themes. Therefore, they are widely used for the catering industry.


artificial plant for restaurant decoration artificial plant for cafe decoration

Outdoor Landscaping
Artificial plant walls not only can arbitrarily cover some special walls and any three-dimensional space such us bare cement, stones, glass walls and fences in the urban landscaping, but also improve the visual effect and beautify the environment.
Over time all artificial plants and trees will begin to degrade. However, Sharetrade's new techniques in UV protection will slow down the fading process of the polymer blend
 materials used to make the plants. Sharetrade's artificial plants can last for over 5 years and still look fantastic. 

Artificial Plant for Outdoor Landscaping Artificial Plants for Outdoor Landscaping