Artificial Silicone Flower 3D Gerbera in Glass Pot

Artificial Silicone Flower 3D Gerbera in Glass Pot

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Elevate your decor with our exquisite Glass Potted Silicone Gerbera featuring vibrant white petals crafted from resilient silicone gel. This lifelike floral arrangement stands at 23 CM, boasting 7 flower heads and 3 leaves for a touch of botanical elegance. The inclusion of fake water adds a realistic touch to enhance its natural beauty. Ideal for adding a lasting burst of freshness to any space, this meticulously crafted Gerbera is a perfect blend of sophistication and durability.

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Product Name: Silicone Gerbera 7 Flower Head 3 Leaves with Glass Pot and Fake Water
Item No.: 23STZ293181-Z
Size: 23 cm    
Color: White
Pot: Glass
Material: Silicone, Plastic, Iron Wire, Cloth
MOQ: 500 PCS    

1. Premium Materials: Crafted from resilient silicone gel petals, our Artificial Silicone Gerbera guarantees a realistic appearance and texture, thanks to its high-quality materials.

2. Lifelike Craftsmanship: Each flower is intricately designed to mirror the vibrant hues and intricate details of the Silicone Gerbera, making it an ideal choice for infusing a natural touch into any environment.

3. Subtle Presentation: The accompanying glass vase and artificial water create a discreet display that convincingly mimics the authenticity of real flowers. Perfect for enhancing the ambiance in professional and office settings.

4. Everlasting Elegance: Unlike fresh flowers that fade quickly, our Artificial Silicone Gerbera maintains its exquisite allure throughout the year, requiring no upkeep or watering for sustained beauty.

5. Customer Satisfaction Assurance: We are committed to the excellence of our products. Should you encounter any issues or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is ready to provide assistance and ensure your satisfaction.


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