Faux Christmas Tree, 18 Inch

Faux Christmas Tree, 18 Inch

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Discover our exquisite Artificial Christmas Tree featuring 17 lifelike branches and a sturdy 17-inch base diameter. This stunning tree comes adorned with 4 plastic pinecones, 4 red berries, water grass, and 3 elegant white flowers, all crafted from high-quality PE material. Elevate your holiday decor with this 18-inch masterpiece, adding a touch of natural beauty to your festive celebrations.

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Product Name: 18 Inch Full PE Artificial Christmas Tree - Tabletop Christmas Decorations for Home with 17 Branches, 17 Inch Base Diameter, 4 Plastic Pinecones, 4 Sets of Red Berries, 4 Sets of Water Grass, and 3 White Flower
Item No.: 23STP269007
Size: 45.72 cm    
Material: Plastic, Iron Wire, Cloth
MOQ:1200 PCS

1. High-quality Materials: The desktop Christmas tree is made of 100% PE material, ensuring a lifelike appearance and a durable structure.
2. Perfect Size for Tables: With a height of 18" and a base diameter of 17 Inch, this Christmas tree is ideal for adding festive cheer to your tabletops or desks.
3. Beautiful Decoration: Featuring 17 lush green branches, 4 plastic pine cones, 4 strings of red berries, 4 strings of water grass, and 3 delicate white flowers, this tree offers a delightful and festive ambiance to any room.
4. Versatile Use: The desktop Christmas tree is not only a charming holiday decoration but can also be utilized as a centerpiece for your Christmas party or as a gift for your loved ones.
5. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We take pride in providing excellent customer service and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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