Artificial Anthurium Lily Flowers, 23 Inch

Artificial Anthurium Lily Flowers, 23 Inch

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Discover a stunning collection of 23-inch faux lilies from a renowned manufacturer. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors including purple, orange, red, and yellow. These artificial anthurium lily flowers are perfect for enhancing your home decor or adding elegance to weddings. Crafted from high-quality plastic and iron wire, these lifelike blooms offer long-lasting beauty. Explore our exquisite range and bring a touch of nature to any space.

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Product Name: 23 Inch Artificial Anthurium Lily Flowers 
Item No.: 23STD297073    
Size: 23 Inch, 58.42 cm
Color: Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow    
Material: Plastic, Iron Wire
MOQ: 2400 PCS    


- Enhance the beauty of your home with our Artificial Flower Anthurium.
- Create a lifelike indoor garden with this stunning simulated home decor centerpiece.
- Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room or event, including weddings and parties.
- Made with high-quality plastic materials that mimic the appearance of real plants.
- Easy to care for and maintain, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.
- Ideal for table decorations, adding a pop of color and style to your living space.
- Upgrade your home decor with this exquisite and affordable faux floral arrangement.
- Bring the beauty of nature indoors, without the hassle of watering or maintenance.
- Suitable for both modern and traditional home designs, adding a vibrant and lively touch.
- Transform any space into a cozy and inviting environment with this artificial red palm plant.

Anthurium Lily


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