Artificial Common Reed Bonsai, 137 CM

Artificial Common Reed Bonsai, 137 CM

Model No.: ST-6021-1-SSPZ, ST-6021-2-SSPZ, ST-6021-3-SSPZ. Hits: 44

Our Artificial Bonsai Is So Lifelike And Will Give you Years Of Service In Making Your Home, Event Or Office Look Stunning.

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Product Name: Artificial Common Reed Bonsai.
Item No.: ST-6021-1-SSPZ, ST-6021-2-SSPZ, ST-6021-3-SSPZ.
Size: 137 CM.
Material: Plastic.
MOQ: 52 PCS.
Pot: Black Plastic Pot.

Application: Artificial Common Reed Bonsai For Landscaping, Outdoor And Indoor Decoration, Our Bonsai Add A Gorgeous Splash Of Greenery To Any Room Whilst Our Plants Are Perfect For Simple Displays Or For Adding Contrast To Your Arrangements.
Item No. Picutre Size Color Packing Size
ST-6021-1-SSPZ 137 CM Green 0/4 PCS
ST-6021-2-SSPZ 137 CM Fall color 0/4 PCS
ST-6021-3-SSPZ 137 CM Aqua 0/4 PCS

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