Artificial Plant Leaf Bundle, 29 CM

Artificial Plant Leaf Bundle, 29 CM

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Enhance Your Decor with a Premium Quality 29 CM Artificial Plant Leaves Bundle. Incredibly Soft and Flexible Foliage for Potted Plant Decorations or Wall Accents.

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Product Name: Artificial Plant Leaf Bundle, 29cm
Item No.: 23STD343001        

Size: 29 cm    
Material: Plastic, Iron Wire, Cloth
MOQ: 600 PCS    

1. Premium Quality: Made with high-quality materials, the artificial plant leaf bunch offers a realistic look and feel.

2. Versatile Use: Whether used as potted plant decorations or wall accents, the artificial plant leaf bunch adds a touch of greenery to any space.

3. Soft and Flexible: The leaves are incredibly soft and flexible, providing a natural and lifelike appearance.

4. Easy Maintenance: With no need for watering or sunlight, the artificial plant leaf bunch is low-maintenance and ideal for those without a green thumb.

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