Artificial Sacred Bamboo, 210CM

Artificial Sacred Bamboo, 210CM

Model No.: PC188-210A Hits: 40

Artificial Sacred Bamboo Manufacturer in China: Artificial Sacred Bamboo, 210CM, for Courtyards, Exhibition Halls, Supermarkets, Bookstore, Bookshop, Shop, Museum, Post Office, Garden, Hall.

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Product Name: Artificial Sacred Bamboo
Item No.: PC188-210A
Size: 210CM
Material: Plastic, Iron Wire, Cement, Cloth, Foam
MOQ: 200 PCS
Pot: Plastic Pot
Application: Artificial Sacred Bamboo Man-made Plants for Residential Areas, Tourism Area, Long-lasting Ornament, Store, Zoo, Event, Reception, adding a bit of nature' s splendor in your home by settling it on an end table in your living room or sun room.

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