Cream White Faux PU Calla Lily, 26 CM

Cream White Faux PU Calla Lily, 26 CM

Model No.: 23STZ293165-3 Hits: 8

Enhance your space with our Cream White PU-made Calla Lily Flowers in Glass Vase. Featuring 8 exquisite flower heads, elegantly adorned with Solide Water for a lifelike appearance. Infuse your surroundings with authentic Scandinavian sophistication through this timeless floral arrangement.

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Product Name: Cream White PU Calla Lily 8 Flower Heads with Fake Water in Glass Vase
Item No.: 23STZ293165-3
Height: 26 cm    
Material: PU, Plastic, Wire, Glass
MOQ: 500 PCS    

1. Enhanced Durability: Engineered with top-quality materials, our artificial Calla Lily is designed to withstand daily usage, guaranteeing lasting charm as an interior ornament.

2. Authentic Scandinavian Sophistication: Our replicated Calla Lily perfectly captures the nuanced and sophisticated design elements of Nordic interior aesthetics, infusing a touch of grace and tranquility into any space.

3. Versatile Use: Whether elevating the tranquil ambiance of your living room, bedroom, or office, our artificial Calla Lily demonstrates its versatility as an ideal choice for indoor embellishments.


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