Faux Lilac Bouquet, Faux Lilac Flower, 17 Inch

Faux Lilac Bouquet, Faux Lilac Flower, 17 Inch

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Shop our stunning Artificial Lilac Flowers Bouquet in Red Color. Handcrafted with care, this bouquet is made from high-quality plastic, iron wire, and cloth. With a length of 17 inches, these lifelike and vibrant lilac flowers are perfect for weddings and versatile decor. Bring everlasting beauty to your space with our exquisite artificial floral arrangement.

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Product Name: Faux Red Lilac Bouquet, 17 Inch
Item No.: 23STD297031    
Size: 43.18 cm
Color: Red
Material: Plastic, Iron Wire, Cloth
Wholesale MOQ: 600 PCS    
Product Key Points:

1. Lifelike and vibrant: The Red Lilac Bouquet is a stunningly realistic artificial flower arrangement.

2. Superior quality materials: Crafted with high-quality silk materials for a natural and elegant look.

3. Versatile home decor: Perfect for home and office decoration, adding a touch of beauty and refinement to any space.

4. Long-lasting beauty: These artificial lilacs are designed to maintain their vibrant red color and form for an extended period of time without fading or wilting.

5. Excellent customer service: We provide reliable after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction with our product.


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