Artificial Plants' Benefits

Artificial Plants' Benefits

Using a range of stunning potted plants including maples, palms, bays and bamboo, we can design your office space and workplace to look lush, alive and more organic - with the knowledge that these plants won't wither and die. These plants come in a range of sizes to suit all spaces and of course, they are fire-retardant. The main benefit of artificial plants is the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that plants won’t lose their leaves due to plant diseases. Your artificial foliage displays will live on forever!

Low maintenance: No need to water, prune, weed, deadhead or trim. 

Ease of cleaning: Cleaning dusty plants can be a challenge, great care needs to be taken when wiping each individual leaf down. With artificial plants this becomes far less time consuming as they are much less fragile.

Design: Give yourself the freedom to get truly creative with the spaces you have, be it at home or work. Tailor your landscape to suit your design because you don’t have to worry about the plant altering or changing over time. They will remain the same size and never outgrow a space. Colour schemes don’t need to change with the seasons.

Flexibility: With artificial plants you don’t need to worry about placement. You won’t have to worry about if your plant will be getting enough sunlight or shade or if it?s too close to a cold window. You decide where it goes and where you feel it looks best – and there it will stay.

Time: Impatient? Want a full green space without the wait? Then artificial might be the answer.

Resistance and Resilience: Artificial plants will withstand the elements and critters. Forget aphids, fungi or other ailments that you have to worry about with real plants. Animals also won?t try eating or uprooting the plants. Artificial plants are also safe from introducing any foreign or harmful pests into new environments. Even better, they don’t attract any kind of bugs especially ones that are bothersome to humans.

Quality: Nowadays fake plants have gotten to the point where they look incredibly real often fooling the most critical eye. They can be treated so they are UV protected, lasting through years of direct sunlight and weathering.

Safety: Artificial plants can be treated with fire retardant to resist the spread of fire.

Price: Silk or plastic versions of live plants are almost indistinguishable from live plants themselves, can last longer and the low maintenance costs provide additional savings.

Hypoallergenic: Allergic to pollen? With artificial plants you won’t have to worry about adding pesky allergens to your space. Keep breathing freely and enjoy greens or florals without the sneezing.

If you're unsure as to whether artificial plants will look great in your indoor space, don’t worry! Our designers will help you design the perfect display to really splash some colour into your environment. After we've agreed on the best design, we will deliver and install your display.

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