Swiss Cheese Plant Potted, 40 CM

Swiss Cheese Plant Potted, 40 CM

Model No.: R031-2A Hits: 13

Swiss Cheese Plant Potted Manufacturer in China: Monstera Plants, for Auditoriums, Entertainment Venues, Bar, Kindergarten, Bus Depot, Bus Stop, Mansion, Hotel, Motel.

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Product Name: Swiss Cheese Plant Potted
Item No.: R031-2A
Size: 40 CM    
Material: Plastic, Iron Wire, Cement    
MOQ: 600 PCS    
Pot: Normal Black Plastic Pot    
Application: Swiss Cheese Plant Potted for Courtyards, Exhibition Halls, Supermarkets, Children' s Palace, Store, Reception, Zoo, plasing this artificial plants on a black or grey table funner on your formal dining room table to create the perfect centerpiece.

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