Are artificial trees flame resistant?

Are artificial trees flame resistant?

Many people want to plant large trees. Due to factors such as long growth cycles, troublesome repairs, mismatching natural conditions and other factors, they have not realized this idea for a long time. If large trees are urgently needed for you, then artificial trees can satisfy you.  

The simulation tree has great advantages. The simulated plants do not need natural conditions such as sunlight, air, water, and seasons. There is no need for watering or fertilization, and no need to worry about factors such as plant wilting. It is really convenient and saves time and money.  

The simulated plants are constantly improving from the initial durability of the material to the beautiful appearance, environmental protection, safety and other quality requirements, so fire-resistant and flame-retardant simulated plants are more popular.  For indoor simulated plants, if fire protection is not very necessary, you can not use simulated plants with flame-retardant effects, but if it is in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and other activities that require fire-fighting acceptance, you must use flame-retardant plants. 

The advantage of choosing fire-resistant and flame-retardant simulated plants is just in case. In the case of a sudden fire, even if the simulated plant melts quickly under high-temperature roasting, the flame will not spread from the plant to other places, and only a small amount of smoke is produced during the whole process.   While interior decoration products are beautiful, safety is the first priority. So when choosing plants, try to choose fire-resistant plants.  

Our factory has developed valuable plants with fire and flame retardant effects. If you have any questions about simulated plants, you can leave a message for us.