Liven up your home with just one olive tree!

Liven up your home with just one olive tree!

If you have always wanted to buy an olive tree for living room decoration and to make your home full of vitality, then look at this olive tree with a perfect texture and realistic details!

Our faux olive trees are the most famous trees on the internet! Some of our trunks are made from wood; they will age like fine wine. For a realistic touch, you’ll notice the faux olive fruit in different colors sprouting from the branches. You'll be surprised at the realism.

1. Leaves: The leaves are dense, the fruit is super cute, and it looks very realistic from close up and far away!

2. The trunk of the olive tree is solid wood, very close to the state of an olive tree in nature.

We sell 60,000 olive trees a year, mainly to large supermarkets in the United States and Europe. Please click to get the latest quotation, and we are ready to serve you at any time!